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Booster Meeting 11.06.2019

Castle View Bands Booster

Wednesday, November 6, 2019



Call to Order 6:07


Minutes from previous meeting - Approved

Treasurer Reports

$25.00 in savings

$8815.15 in checking

Expenses for the month:

$1400 in merchandise

$650.00 in Food

$700.00 in show fees

30 students have not paid their fees, approximately $700.00 dollars outstanding. (invoices printed and gave to Mark to hand out)

First check from Kings came in for $299.11

Dairy Queen: $162.69 (would = to 4 student band fees)

Old Business

Spirit Nights:

Did we receive the check from Dairy Queen? Amount (listed above)

Should we try any more spirit night dates? Places? Or wait until after the holidays?

Decision yes, Audra reached out to Granelli’s Pizzeria, December 7th is tentative – will know in a couple of days if it is a go

Apparel is successful so far. Added stadium chairs. – added +$200.00 with potential more sales, take to the feeder festival. No new orders will be placed right now, but we will observe requests and determine if we need more items

After Prom raised a rumble about the chairs but we did not break any rules.

Spirit Socks/Scarves fundraiser still a possibility? Yes great idea we all would like to do

New Business

Ice Rink Spirit Night – Sunday, February 2, 2020 – there is a flyer only day available (time window 11-5 rink at the rock) 15% will be donated back to the school. Location is 414 N Perry St. Website is


Adult (12+):    $8 Child (11 and under):   $6 Skate Rentals: $4/pair

End of Marching Band Season Parties:

Kid’s Party – Kids got December 3rd, not sure about the time

Parent Party – still up in the air, can range from 15-40 people. Emily Winder said she can do it at her house, still need to figure it out.

Spring Gala 2020 Planning Committee Agenda

November 6, 2019 6:00PM

Explanation/overview of Gala-

Saturday May 2nd

Theme- Masquerade (Katherine will support, but will not lead)


Documentation of last year: Cheryl will send out a copy

7k in income from the auction 5K from ticket sales

List if items donated- value was a little over 1K, needs to be included in the budget food,

5500, general cost.

Food from Peters (Rebeca)

Hopefully we can save, if reuse what we had from last month.

Rentals were 800.00 that will be a repeat

Promoting ticket sales – December/January

Start: January start at $35

$45 the next jump

$50 at the door

Budget of 6K, should fall under it

Dessert Dash- This is a great idea and we would like to do it. Need to determine how/where the deserts will come from

Various Roles-

Silent Auction – Farrah Wells - Farrah picked up items from last year and list from Katheleen’s house and will go through what we have.

Reaching out to Donors : Farrah to clean up list for all to work off

Collecting items (70 items for auction)

David: guitar – put name in for music education

Meadows ortho-

Corporate AMC will do 10 movie tickets – wanted tax form (5013c)

Mac; 20 punch cards

Pictures – have the kids sign the matting, would customers be willing to pay for pictures? (Cheryl – has matt makers at home)

Kathleen – sent out to the beer festival

Pop culture com

Wood flags (Colorado and American Flag)

Pottery- from Lisa’s dad (he will donate)

Check out – night of gala

Still using the same software as last year (Would like to go electronic this year - added expense but would pay for itself. Click on the QOR code.. Kathleen will ask about the app. (have a few I Pads available)


Ticket Sales

Promoting ticket sales – December/January

Start: January start at $35

$45 the next jump

$50 at the door

Tables for Donors

Personal invites to the chamber, Mayor, school board etc. – Cheryl will continue to try


Poster Design – Matt Rose said he would design again

Gina did the last poster for this theme suggest reaching out to her to see if she can redo with updated dates

Social Media

Will not use the promotional company used last year, no return

Cards and posters (print 6 cents a page) we spent over $50.00, $475 was the promo company.

Mark suggest: send email link to parents like we did with the mattresses (Come support the band, need influential members of Castle Rock)


Renting tables, dishes, table linens, silverware etc.

Using existing décor

Catering – Rebeca Peters


Chicken parm over spaghetti, side of carrots, rolls and salad | Gluten free – tofu | Vegetarian option will be available as well

Rebeca will need help setting up plates – she will run the kids

Desserts - getting desserts donated by local pastry chefs or bakery’s

Help –

Plating food for students to serve

Keeping kids on task

Next Gala Meeting: TBD

From the Members:

Kathleen: Insurance: we don’t have it, in the event if someone is hurt, or we get sued – more of a liability item

We do not have the financial on the website, need to have a spreadsheet referencing with details, to be covered by the insurance company

AIM is who was used by larkspur (look for one that is specific for PTA and Boosters)

Yes we need but need to know – Cheryl and Audra for.

Cheryl: Coaches meeting set up with winter sports – to go to the parent meetings and discuss the punch pass, still have $400 to deposit (meeting with girls BB coach Nov.21st)

Mark: 8th grade banquet parent night, nothing on the calendar – need to get on the books sooner (Jan 16th is for anyone coming to CV) the 14th there are a lot of things going on.

Maybe the 14th of January 7:15-8:30 – do snacks, treats and slide show - Mark will email, when hear we will see about sending some kids to the middle school .

On-going and Reminders:

CVBB Website – work in progress 😊

Bands App

Next CVBB Meeting: Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 6pm

Adjourn 7:07

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