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December 2019 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Castle View Bands Booster

Wednesday, December 4, 2019



Call to Order: 6:05

Attendees: Mark, Rebeca, Audra, Scott, Amy, Robert, Kathleen and Farrah late


Minutes from previous meeting - Are posted on CVBB website – Approved

Treasurer Reports- Moving forward report with details will be saved along with meeting minutes

Savings: $25.00

Checking: $995.98

Expenses for the month:


$350.00 for Legend

$393.57 reimbursement for lights

$6819.88 to Mark


Student fees: 13 marching still outstanding $685.00

Old Business

End of Marching Season Parties:

Kid’s party was a success – parents here to support

Parent party is on Saturday, Dec 14th at Emily Winter’s house

Insurance, Any updates: Motion made to follow up on insurance, get it down to $300.00 a year. Kathleen will get quote and forward info

New Business:

Feeder Festival CVBB Table

What time should we be there?

Should we try to make snacks/water bottles for sale?

Selling apparel

Selling Athletic Cards

Winder Band Concert – Thursday, December 12th at 7 pm. Audra will get refreshments/drinks. Will set up another CVBB table

Gala Updates

Would like a to save the date to go out to re: ticket sale starting January 2020

Kids will be required to sell a minimum of 2 tickets??

Ideas on how to get the community to come, not just band parents

Company Sponsorship

It has been decided the desert dash will happen. Farrah is working on finding some donations for the event

From the Members:

8th grade band banquet January 14th serve desert- Gina quick invite to 8th grade parents to donate deserts.

On-going and Reminders:

CVBB Website – work in progress 😊

Bands App

King Soopers card linked to the band

Next CVBB Meeting: Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 6pm in the band room

Adjourn: 7:45

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