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CV Band Booster Minutes


President: Audra Johnson

Vice President: Trish Smith

Treasurer: Cheryl Altman

Member at Large: Kathleen Williams

Teacher: Mark Cellar

General Members:

Valerie & Robert Boswell

Brian & Linda Glover

Shanna French

Rebecca Peters

Catherine Raffery

Meeting called to order 6:06pm

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from August meeting approved

Treasurer’s Report Cheryl Altman

“No” to Kona Ice type competitor for fundraising

140 athletic passes sold $3500 in revenue to general band account

150 passes left to sell as of 10/3/18

Student fees for band boosers

Only 7 parents have paid $35 as of 10/3/17

Checks payable to CVBB

$10 of the $35 goes to admin fees

$25 of the $35 covers the cost of food for band and events

No place to pay online, but can do Venmo

May set something up on Charms to be able to pay online

Booster club does have a credit card machine, but we try not to use it to avoid fees

$350 check to Harrison High School - competition

Mattress fundraiser

Checks go out to the band members

21 items sold, 5 of those were high end

Total profit to band was $4000

Paid for new acrims and new flags for color guard

$1600 raised from concession stand

$300 from cleanup of DC stadium

Old Business: Audra Johnson

It has been suggested that we have Band Booster meetings at the restaurants that sponsor the band. (Black eyed Pea, Chick Fil A, Freddie’s, Burger King and Little Caesar’s)

Thank you notes still need to go out to sponsors for food and for Gala Silent Auction Items from 2018.

Apparel orders can go directly to Audra Johnson Brown

Specific orders can be ordered such as “Band Parent”

A flyer will go out showing the items available.

Payments for the Florida Trip are due.

A schedule for payment will be made in the future.

Two chaperones are needed for the boys and one for the girls

Only one color guard member going on the trip as of 10/3/18

New Business: Audra Johnson

The smaller generator was stolen out of the shed this summer. It would be nice if it could be replaced with the same kind of generator. It is a Ryobi and half price at Home Depot

Linda Glover will see if she can get it donated.

Others are welcome to donate toward the new generator or see if they can get one donated.

A new fundraising opportunity-

Flags for veterans, possibly starting after fall break. Along with Yankee Candle, Butter braids. Look for more information in the near future.

Also looking into a gambling license to have raffles and community bingo games to fund the band.

One person needs to be the contact on this, as it does require some research and follow up to complete it.

Next Meeting Business:

Next Meeting: November 7th, 6pm Black Eyed Pea

Meeting Adjourned 7:04pm

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