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Castle View Bands Booster

Wednesday, October 2, 2019



Call to Order: 6:05


Minutes from previous meeting: Approved

Treasurer Reports

Bank: $8652.33

$25.00 in savings

12064.72 – Expenses most was to pay out the peaches

Deposits $3408.30

Needs receipts from anyone who has them

$1000 in competition fees, $700 in show supplies and food $500.00

Student fees

24 who have not paid

17 total non-marchers who have not paid

13 who have not paid do not have an email in Charms, so they do not know they are outstanding. Suggestion -After November 1st propose a 5.00 late fee. Mark if that is the case, they need to be made aware.

Concessions! We broke the record, the concession managers wished we could do all of them. The Band Parents had a good attitude. We hustled. $6000 donation to the band. Which beat the peaches.

Old Business

Spirit Nights:

Granelli’s - $1,585 in sales that night; received $158; Dates to do again?

Next, she will do 15% for us, open to doing it regularly

They did all the take out and everyone was there – they were great!

Dairy Queen - (need details from Kathleen)

Chipotle – We need to wait for their management transition

Applebee’s is open to it and a pancake – (Mark was nice, you could bring in people off the street along with sale tickets before hand)

Typically, on Saturdays are the best date to do this

Did in the past and did it at the Foul Line.

Black Eyed pea will do something as well, anyone interested in helping please let us know.

Perry’s pizza, jimmy johns have reached out to and they are interested as well.

Audra will work with Mark on dates

DECA runs the basketball games

We will do CBA first week in March and Cheryl and Audra noted what worked and what did not work- total of 18 bands attend

New Business

Spirit Socks/Scarves Fundraiser? Cheryl: will investigate

Official Sponsorship Letter? We cannot really utilize the program – would prefer not to go through the friends of music, we will mock up and will send in.

Apparel Order has arrived


Thoughts on the 1st ever Parent Showcase/Ice Cream Social?

Parents liked it

Will do next

End of Year Parent Showcase?

Kid’s Party – in December

Parent Party – in December

Community show- book evening at the stadium rather than here – cost is 250.00 to get stuff there. (back burner)

Final practice on October 28th, parents and alumni will be invited and hot coco provided, did last year, hope it to be fun

From the Members

Chick f la or Culvers are they options for spirit night? Couple of high school band working there. Some point to see if they will do a spirit night

Can hit again in January for Sprit nights

The office will do something as well. Spirits night LOL!

Kathleen contacted the ice rink, can do spirit nights there and sent an email for details

Mark suggested playing at the rink

Star Lighting never performed as an official Castle View night.

The Gala: Starting Process of the Gala May 2, 2020 – fun night to dress up.

Kathleen, just getting started. We have ton of baskets left over

Kathleen and Farrah working on the letter from last year, along with specifics. As soon as get, we will get it out to everyone.

Silent Auction

Kathleen already has one item 😊

There are some of the trips left

Sold last year, personal items, maybe cabin shares

Still have the list for everyone who donated last year

On the certificate there were stipulations and fees to cover additional fees.

Expect communications on do you know anyone who has this or that for donation for the

Rebecca will do the food, she will cook, and the kids will serve

More to come, but heads up we will need a lot of help

The kids do work crew- did skits for bids. Work crew would have to be the next week.

Want to do mascaraed, then all that Jazz next year

Should be community not just parents

Desert Dash – Mark MC, he can do it with


On-going and Reminders:

CVBB Website – work in progress 😊Cheryl wants the minutes added, financials and time for the next booster meeting. Merchandise stuff, way to incorporate the Bands app to

Link to the CBA top 10 for parents to know

Bands App – People are loving it

Coffee – ABC is not, Kathleen votes no and Cheryl no. Coffee link deleted

Next CVBB Meeting: Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 at 6pm

Adjourn: 7:04

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