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Castle View Bands Booster

Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 4:30PM


Call to Order: 4:31 p.m.

Present (officers): Mark Cellar, Audra Brown, Cheryl Altman, Kathleen Williams, Farrah Wells

Present (general): Alicia Brown-Smith, Robert Boswell, Janet and Michael Ulrich, Steve


Minutes from previous meeting - approved

Treasurer Reports:

Income made the month of May $9.80 (amazon smiles) $27.00 (Coffee)

Savings = $25.00 Checking = $9,220.00

Old Business

Custom thank you notes: Kathleen has them and will send out. All will say thank you, you helped us raise $8987.00

Last CRMS concert went well; with more planning the kids could do more of a questions/answers type deal with the younger kids.

Parent Showcase/Ice Cream Social – Saturday, Sept 7, 2019, 3pm @the CV Football field

Audra is looking for ice-cream social to be funded she will let the group know

Mark is trying to get his email list set up so more parents are singed up in Charms, this will help with the communications on the event and parent enthusiasm (Freshmen that signed up at Castle Rock are there, but cannot send a blast on infinite campus

This will be a good time to explain scoring to the parents

CVBB Website:

Pictures from parents – easy uploading option yet?

Links for minutes/financials

Website still in progress for the items above

About Us letter – is completed and added

New Business

Marching Band Camp – any assistance from CVBB?

Mini band camp: Audra will provide snacks and drinks on 05/30

During Band Camp: Parents are welcome to stop in and bring treats for the kids, not expectations, anything welcomed

Audra suggested otter pops and drinks for warm days

Parade: Saturday July 27th

Audra: Is assistance needed in getting a different place in line? Mark: It is a check-in process, not sure if a parent can check in on behalf of Castle View. (this would have to be for all the group, not just the band) Audra: will check with Chambers to see

Don’t have uniforms, kids will be in shorts and t-shirts

May need help with props prior to August, once props are determined

2018-2019 Year complete. 😊

Next Meeting Date? Wednesday, August 7th @ 6:00 in Band Room (during the Parent meeting on the 16th Audra will mention the upcoming booster meeting in September)

From the Members

Robert: Pit Parent shirts or hoodies, needs something bigger. Did think the words were small and needed to be bigger.

Audra and Mark were contacted by an apparel company (on line ordering) – but if we go that direction, most likely will not make money like we currently do

Janet suggested reach out to the football boosters to see who they go through (they order and pick up just like the band booster does) very nice quality

Other options are looking at Denver Athletics and Frog – for all CV band apparel

Mark: Drums along the Rockies: anyone interested in discounted tickets to let Mark know by 05/30/19. Discounted tickets by $5.00 and all sit together


Peaches: do we want to do it again this year, and if so are we doing the farmers market again? Cheryl will follow up with the peach guy.

Things to ensure we get the biggest bang for our buck

Push the preorders

Provide the parents with a 3-hour pick up window

Put in Parents news letter

Order peaches by case rather than half so we are not overcharge

Suggestions: Alicia sell in front of her housing community, kids carry banner during parade?

Flag Fundraiser – reminders need to be sent for those with a subscription. Kids should have the flags and put them in yards for the days paid for.

Don’t want to repeat last year, where Mark purchased flags from Lowe’s and put them together costing about $18.00 apiece. If ordered in bulk can get them for about $3-4 a flag.

Needs to be promoted and better explained so the kids can sale more

Adjourn: 5:20

Action Items

Mark: to communicate major show decisions and send to group with what is needed

Audra: Look for possibilities of the ice cream social being funded

Kathleen: Give a handful of thank you cards to Mark

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