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CV Band Booster Minutes


President: Audra Johnson

Vice President: Trish Smith

Treasurer: Cheryl Altman

Secretary: Gina Claus

Member at Large: Kathleen Williams

Teacher: Mark Cellar

Meeting called to order 6:08pm

Secretary’s Report Gina Claus

Minutes approved 6:25pm

Treasurer’s Report Cheryl Altman

Bank requires Meeting Minutes with verbal voting on signers to open the account

Signers to be voted in: Audra Johnson and Mark Cellar

Approved 7:02pm

Signers scheduled to go sign 3:45pm Wednesday, May 9th

We do have our EIN now: 82-5123013

Registered with State of CO

Need $850 for 501(3)(c),

Motions for expenditure

Initial deposit in Belco Credit Union of $1057

$850 for 501(3)(c)

$99 for coffee fundraiser

$10 for CV Band Boosters ledger

Total $959 in expenditures (balance of $98) Approved 7:17pm

Old Business: Audra Johnson

Gala Overview

Communication to parents needs to be evaluated/improved

Group text committees

Charms email

Income to be determined, Cellar has not had a chance to consolidate info

Set Up/Clean Up:

Drum Majors and section leaders should be in charge of getting students set up and stay to clean up


Trish did all the baskets this year, can’t have that happen again


Beginning balance on cash

Checklist for who is responsible for what, finances, etc

Use overhead mic when speaking

Announce more to the student body, dance portion

Cash and checks on hand $1057


Coffee - Tiffany Martin

ABC has about $100/month revenue already which will continue to grow

Funds are tracked automatically

501(3)(c) must be submitted to company by the end of 2018

Band Apparel Kathleen Williams

Follow-up with Jan on what to sell and pricing (3-4 items)

Set up as soon as possible and send home flies at mini-camp

Publicize on FB

New Business:

Palisade Peaches

Cheryl Altman & Heidi Reasoner - Co-Chair

Students can help!

Dropping SNAP replacing

Percentage they take is less

Next Meeting Business:

Gala Income/Expenses - Cellar

Palisades Peaches - Cheryl & Heidi

Next Meeting:

June 6th, 6pm Carlos Miguel’s

Meeting Adjourned 7:34pm

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