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CV Band Booster Minutes


President: Audra Johnson

Vice President: Trish Smith

Secretary: Gina Claus

Treasurer: Cheryl Altman

Member at Large: Shanna French

Member at Large: Kathleen Williams

Teacher: Mark Cellar

Meeting called to order 6:08pm

Secretary’s Report Gina Claus

Minutes approved 6:12pm

Old Business: Audra Johnson

By Laws

Minor typos corrected

Motion to approve 6:16pm

Establishing Booster

Banking Issues

Fees are now $850 for EIN

Fundraising idea:

organize a 5K - Audra going to research

Go Fund Me account

Car Wash fundraiser - Audra follow up with Hollingshead

Cellar will send out an email “call for cash” for $10 per family

Altman will look into ENT and Bellco Banks to open account

Altman will collect “call for cash” moneys for deposit

Employee needs to initiate the EIN/501(c)(3) registration

Social Media

Instagram/Facebook Account

Up and running with traction

Need to “#” more

Google Account

Twitter Account

Still in the works

Will create separate accounts for Band Boosters as well

Social Media strategies resources

Gala Event

Sold 71 so far (planned for 120, 150 or higher we will be at capacity)

Ticket sales mostly band parents

Goal is to have more community involvement

Fiscal Year Dates

July 1st beginning of fiscal year (to June 30th)

Motion to approved - Approved 6:59pm

Budget/Membership Fees

$35 membership fees

Covers food and EIN fees ($25/$10)

Motion to approve membership fees - Approved 7:07pm

CV Band Apparel

Waiting on bank account to be set up

Kathleen will research how/where to get band apparel

New Business:

Coffee Fundraiser

Kathleen Williams

Consistently market it

Motion to approve - Approved 7:22pm

Band Booster Letterhead

Will be created by Gina Claus


Like our Social Media pages

Reaching out to elementary schools still

Waiting to hear from Meadowview

Going to reach out to Larkspur

Goodwill is donating baskets for the Gala

Masks for the kids to wear during serving

Open to students to wear their own masks if they want

Next Meeting Business:

Bank Account


Band Apparel

Gala Follow Up

Next Meeting:

May 2nd, TBD

Meeting Adjourned 7:40pm

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