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CV Band Booster Minutes

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President: Audra Johnson

Vice President: Trish Smith

Secretary: Gina Claus

Treasurer: Cheryl Altman

Member at Large: Shanna French

Member at Large: Kathleen Williams

Teacher: Mark Cellar

Meeting called to order 6:10pm

Secretary’s Report Gina Claus

Minutes approved 6:33pm

Old Business: Audra Johnson

Establishing Booster

Banking Issues

Need to get paperwork in to establish an EIN number

Need name for a group for the articles of Incorporation paperwork

Castle View Band Boosters

Approved 6:20pm

By Laws

Look at CV Ballers by laws

As a group we modified the CV Ballers by laws for CV Band Boosters

Formal edits will be done by secretary (Gina Claus)

Number of directors shall be 3, 5, 7

Approved 6:51pm

Board, read example by laws by April 4th

IRS form

Audra will fill out the required forms

Instagram Account

There is a current one for the band

Twitter Account

There is a current one for the band

Facebook Account

Trish posting artwork for Masquerade Gala

Getting permission to make one for the band

Next Meeting Business:


CV Band apparel

Coffee Fundraiser - Kathleen Williams

Next Meeting:

April 4th, TBD

Meeting Adjourned 7:21pm

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