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February Castle View Banda Boosters Minutes

Officers Present: Mark Cellar, Cheryl Altman, Tricia Harkin

Call to Order: 6:04pm

Treasurer Report

Prior checks cleared

Redoing bookkeeping, ETA 2/13

Tax due date 3/15

Promoting coffee

Approval from Amazon Smile for donations

No gala sales currently

Merchandise tab on website?

Follow up on clothing order forms

Peaches- Marketing in July

Missing parent fees

20 people missing, need follow up

January minutes- Approved

Thank you notes from Gina

Blank CV notes, no mention of printing

Microphone leads

Vote on 35 dollar donation for microphones


Gala donation box

Hold off on email until mid-April


Reasons for fundraising

Color guard/ percussion instructors on 10 month contract

Fees not assessed yet

Charters depleted (came from general fundraising)

When people can’t pay fees

WGI, color guard and drum line

Professional prop building

Donation box at concert- Approved

New Business

Caterer costs: 1133 for 150ppl

Food: $12/plate last year

This year, <9$ per plate= Rebecca, otherwise caterer

Vote on 2/20

Donation letters have gone out

Follow up on Gaylord resorts

Advertising- malls+newspapers, need another post going out

Holiday merchandise?

Sell at winter concert


Too loaded

Beads/pearls/feathers at gala?

Trip uniforms all set


Officer positions available

Facebook and Charms promotion

Tab on website

Proxy voting? No

No new position creation

Bylaws have description of jobs, to be posted on website

Chair people (uniforms, food, etc.)? Leave for August. Survey-Approved

Normal hand vote, must be present


CBA- volunteering from parents, limited shifts

Meals for adults/concessions- Cheryl will lead

$400 stipend, not upfront

Meeting Adjourned at 7:04pm

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