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CV Band Booster Minutes


President: Audra Johnson

Vice President: Trish Smith

Treasurer: Cheryl Altman

Secretary: Gina Claus

Member at Large: Kathleen Williams

Teacher: Mark Cellar

Meeting called to order 6:08pm

Secretary’s Report Gina Claus

Will send via email later this week

Treasurer’s Report Cheryl Altman


$771 (approx $80 profit) apparel

Cheryl Altman $56.82

$99 for coffee website


Approx $80 Apparel income

New email for band treasurer:

Old Business: Audra Johnson

*Band Apparel Kathleen Williams

CC processing for apparel set up (mobile apps available as well)

Looking forward, need new vendor (too many issues with this one)

Black did not turn out well, still haven’t heard from vendor on what will be done to fix the situation (will not pay until resolved)

Audra reached out to local vendors, find least expensive company

New Business: Audra Johnson

*Palisade Peaches

Selling peaches at DCHS Farmers Market August 25th until noon

Cheryl Altman

Pick up regular orders at CVHS at 2pm

*Coffee Update

Audra gets email when coffee is purchased

Samples at parent meeting

*Band Parent Meeting

August 17th @ CV 6-8pm

Game pass cards sold at parent meeting and back to school night (8/23)

Tony will present on mattress

Audra will introduce CVBB

Tricia will send duties for gala to Cellar for parents to sign up

Basket assemblers

Thank you note writers

Runners to pick up donations

Marching band meal volunteers

Runners to pick up donations

Go talk to restaurants

Workers for the band competitions

Parent volunteer/email will be added to Charms for auto reminders of volunteer opportunities


*Refreshments for meeting (Audra will send out email)

Cookies, lemonade, water

*CV Back To School Night 8/23 7pm

Audra, Kathleen, Tricia, Cheryl

*Mattress Fundraiser

Sept 8th

Tony will present info at parent meeting

Coordinator for kid placement will be needed that day

*Football game

Sept 7th concessions with parents and band clean up

Cheryl will be point person

There may be a training, more info coming

*Spring Gala

April 6th

Silent auction Disneyland Tickets

Board member guidelines

Approved to have non-parent as board member

Next Meeting Business:

Mile High Stadium concession

Too big of a commitment at this time

Carlos Miguel’s

Play music and get percentage of sales

*Inventory Shed

August 14th 4pm-??? (Audra start at 3, join when can)

Next Meeting:

September 5th, 6pm CV location TBD

Meeting Adjourned 7:34pm

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