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Castle View Bands Booster

Wednesday, January 8, 2020 6:00PM


Call to Order 6:06

Attendees: Audra, Rebeca, Robert, Scott, Cheryl, Kathleen, Dave and Farrah


Minutes from previous meeting – Overview of money review

Balance after the student fees

Treasurer Reports

Current 1866.16

Savings 25

Income came from merchandise, candy and swag made 1158.00 in income, 35 in dues

Writing off dues (500-600) we did have a % who paid than last year

Mark sent messages out about dues, but we do not have the parent info.

Try maybe one more collection before sending out

Ideas to not see it happen again

For next year, send home with the kids by mini band camp

Break down on the funds of what the money goes to

Push more emails

More on the website

Old Business

Insurance: Updates? Kathleen; if we take off the property will cost us about $355. A year was $470 with. (property would be like a shed or truck) (Pamela with AIM, Mark says we do not need to cover property and we do not have enough)

Kathleen will send a text out and we can vote. (Financially we have the funds)

All approve 355, and motion approved not to exceed 400

New Business

8th Grade Family Night at the HS – Thursday, January 16th

Should CVBB have a table? Cheryl, Dave Rebeca say yes, chance to brand (starts at 5:15, set up needs to be done by 5:00)

Who do we need to contact to see if we need to have a table? Cheryl and Audra will be there

What times would we need to be there? 5:00

Selling apparel- what we have left

Selling Athletic Cards – about 150 cards left

Gala Updates – Date May 2nd –Tickets live soon?

How does it work?

$35 first start (do push before spring break

March 14st to $45

$50 at the door

Message sent out via Charms to parents? Mark mentioned he would send out an email link like we did for the mattress, we are doing e-tickets live by Monday 01/13/20 if possible

Scott will let Dads of Castle Rock know

Posters: Gina needs confirmation of the date and time, Audra sent to Kathleen to approve

8X10 to hand out

Who oversees hanging the printing? Kathleen will reach out to crew who signed up for the GALA

20 of the big 11 x14

100 of the small 8X10

25 4x6 post cards

Personal cards to invite Chamber, Mayor, school board members (could do 30 to be safe)

Flyers for the 8th grade event (Audra will frame one for show)

Amy B – has been voluntold to be a marketing head (Kathleen working with Amy)

Pictures, David’s idea to sell – could put on the website to sell links for the picture

Desert Dash

16 deserts based off last year’s attendance

Be sure we get a couple of gluten free

Who oversees DD?

DJ – Cheryl will work with Tommy Cummins, from her church and will tell him about what

Cheryl will get a matt for it.

From the Members

Need a sponsorship plan – and what they are classified as

Need a process established by next meeting

On-going and Reminders:

CVBB Website – work in progress 😊

Bands App

King Soopers card linked to the band

Next CVBB Meeting: Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 6pm

Adjourn: 7:07

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